Finding addiction treatment can be overwhelming and confusing. was created to offer the best information possible, and connect people in need with treatment providers. is proud to connect individuals struggling with addiction to the best treatment information and providers across the country. currently has listings for 15,000 rehab centers and counting, which includes independently curated ratings and reviews based on data collected from widespread survey campaigns. We provide transparent, comprehensive and authentic information to support individuals in making the best possible treatment decisions for themselves, or their loved ones.

We also curate a respected Pro Talk series that elevates the caliber of addiction-focused content, and connects qualified professionals with those searching for cutting-edge information on substance abuse and behavioral health.

Alcohol and substance abuse treatment is not one-size-fits-all, but studies show that people completing full courses of inpatient treatment are statistically far more likely to succeed than those who forego long-term care. If you decide to pursue treatment, can serve as your go-to resource to help choose where to go, and what sort of treatment to pursue.

We work with residential programs across the country that cover the entire continuum of care, from closely monitored detoxification to in-patient therapy and aftercare.

If you know someone who has gone through addiction treatment, ask them their opinion on the program they attended! For everyone else, calling a toll-free recovery helpline – whether it’s ours or another reputable service – is an excellent way to start. You can discuss your local drug and alcohol treatment program options, and receive answers to any questions you might have about substance abuse.

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