Here at the DUI Foundation, we’re excited to partner with Carrie Armstrong, with the How To Be A Sober Girl blog. You can check out her blog here. Over the next thirty days, she has committed to a How To Be A Sober Girl 30 Day Kickstart campaign and we’ll be sharing her stories right here.

And without any more time, here’s Day Twenty Four:

What a lot of us struggle with when we stop drinking is that we cease to be in an altered state. We’ve gotten so used to being in an altered state regularly that being in the state of total awareness can seem very overwhelming. when we are looking for an escape it is usually an escape to a different state, because that’s what we are most familiar and comfortable with. To go from operating from two states of being to just one can be very jarring until we get used to it.

I most definitely felt that way. It was odd to just be “me” all the time. It felt claustrophobic. Like there was no escape form myself.

But it’s not true. There are loads of different ways to alter our mental states. Ones that are way more effective than alcohol. And meditation is definitely a great one to start with.

If you go on to Youtube you can find loads of different guided meditations for free. Some are only a few minutes long, some hours. So find one you like the sound of, go lie somewhere comfy. Then let the person leading the meditation do all the work whilst you just breathe deeply and enjoy it.

Carrie x


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