Some people still seem to think that Albany DWI charges are exclusive to those driving cars, trucks, and commercial vehicles such as 18-wheelers or buses. The truth of the matter is that if you are driving on any road, under the influence of any substance, posing a danger to yourself and to others, it does not matter if you are driving one of the aforementioned vehicles or if you are on a bicycle, driving a golf cart, riding a tractor or lawn mower, or if you are utilizing a piece of industrial equipment. A DWI is a DWI, whatever you may be driving.

The State of New York, like many others, is not lenient when it comes to DWI laws. Public safety is first on their agenda, and when that safety is threatened, law enforcement takes action. This situation was proven again at the end of January, when a recent DWI sweep landed a backhoe operator in hot water. 44-year-old Jesus Ofarril, of Troy, was arrested in Albany County after police officers observed him driving down Central Avenue on a backhoe, showing signs of obvious intoxication. After stopping the swerving vehicle for further investigation, it was discovered that Ofarril had a BAC of 0.18, the legal limit being 0.08 for regular drivers and even lower for operators of commercial and industrial vehicles.

Inside the cab, several unopened beer cans were found. Ofarril was arrested immediately and was arraigned in Albany City on Feb. 1. He was charged with Aggravated DWI, Aggravated Unlicensed Operator 1st Degree, and multiple vehicle and traffic violations. This story proves how a single DWI can lead to multiple charges with potentially numerous and harsh punishments.

Drinking and driving is never the right choice. Moreover, when you’re on the job or choose to hop into a vehicle that poses an even bigger threat to the smaller cars and trucks on the road, the charges can add up quickly. No doubt, Ofarril faces some stiff fines and punishments, although we cannot say to what degree without knowing his full driving history. As New York State’s crackdown policy really takes off, Albany DWI offenders like Ofarril face fewer breaks and more difficulties after a conviction.

Albany DWI Attorneys

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