With prom season coming and going throughout the United States, parents are continuously more and more worried about drinking and driving. National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration (“NHTSA”) reported that “young drivers, ages 15-20 years old, are especially vulnerable to death and injury on our roadways.” The main cause of these accidents often is the result of drinking and driving.

With New York’s strict Zero Tolerance Law against drinking and driving by individuals under the age of 21, parents are very concerned with prom season arriving. Several high schools around the United States have set up mock DWI scenes to “send [an] emotional message to prom-goers.” Oswego County Today reported on New York High School’s (Altmar-Parish-Williamstown High School) recent mock DWI event. “The accident scene that [was] la[id] out before the students included two young people lying on the highway, Brian Wilson, who was ejected from his vehicle and ‘killed’ on impact, and Lacy Kowalski who suffered multiple wounds including a severed leg.”

The accident scene used real props, makeup, and fake blood to make the scene a believable reality. A New York State Police Trooper narrated the event. During the narration, he “explained to students what was happening as emergency crews worked in several areas at the same time.” In addition to the accident scene, the school put on a mock funeral of the boy who died in the accident that included friends and family members who spoke about their loss. The entire event had one vital message to the Juniors and Seniors at the school: Don’t drink and drive. Underage drinking is never encouraged, and educating young adults on the perils of drinking and driving is a good place to start.

Limo Drivers & Trust
Trust is often placed in others such as limo drivers on prom night to get your children to and from prom safely. However, with recent news of a prom limo driver being charged with a DUI in Chicago, parents are finding themselves with new concerns. NBC Chicago reports that a limousine driver carrying 24 high school students to their prom was pulled over and charged with driving under the influence.

The limo driver was a regular driver for “Illinois Central Bus,” a school bus driver, as well as a limo driver. Up until the day he was pulled over, he only had one prior ticket, and no prior DWI’s. The limo driver is being charged with “two counts of driving under the influence of alcohol and one count of reckless conduct” and had a registered blood alcohol level of 0.239, which is miles above the legal limit. One of the passengers in the limo had texted her mother during the ride that the limo driver had drove over a median and cut off a couple of cars. Her mother reported she was concerned when the limo driver had arrived late. Parents should take precaution and speak with any driver they entrust to transport their children on prom night.

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