With celebrities getting pulled over for drunk driving, often times the dash camera video from the police officers vehicle, detailing the arrest gets “leaked” to the media. Last week, Reese Witherspoon got a taste of a video leak herself. Her erratic behavior was broadcasted for the world to see when she was arrested alongside her husband when he was pulled over for suspicion of a DWI. According to NY Daily News, Witherspoon was saying “all sorts of crazy things” even questioning the credentials of the police officer. After the video was leaked, Withers on had to go on record and apologize for the entire situation, referring to it as “embarrassing” and unfortunate.

However, Reese Witherspoon is not the only one whose unfortunate events were making the news. According to Dallas News, Randy Travis, a famous country music star “has filed a lawsuit to prevent release of patrol car video of his 2012 drunken driving arrest in North Texas.” Media groups have been hounding the Texas Department of Public Safety to get the video released. “The attorney general’s office ruled this month that the judge didn’t have the discretion to bar the video’s release” when he did so prior. Mr. Travis pled guilty to driving while intoxicated earlier this year. According to CMT the reason the media wants to see the video is apparently Randy Travis “was found naked by the road after crashing his Pontiac Trans Am.

This begs the question of whether other not you would want your own DWI dash camera video to end up on social media sites. Typically, the videos of celebrities DWI arrests get published for the mere fact they are celebrities. Unfortunately, media is not making an example of them; rather they are showing it for entertainment purposes. Therefore, we must ask ourselves whether that is fair to them. Public shaming of people who are arrested for DWI is not a new concept. Last week Minnesota State Department of Public Safety published the age and gender of those arrested for DWI on their Twitter page.

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