Whether the aim is for an acquittal, a reduction in fines and charges, or a plea agreement, defendants should always retain legal counsel when facing criminal charges.

Self-representation is never the best option for the accused, as experienced attorneys have the knowledge and influence that increase your chances of victory or a lighter sentence. That is especially true when charged with serious crimes like driving while intoxicated (DWI) or driving under the influence (DUI).

At Nave DWI Defense Attorneys, our Albany DWI lawyers know that DWI/DUI cases are not always simple. Contrary to popular belief, it is not always a matter of having had a few drinks and choosing to get behind the wheel. Other factors are often involved, including the use of prescription drugs, road conditions, individual circumstances, and more. Whatever factors affect your case, it is our job to ensure that you receive adequate counsel, know your rights, and obtain the most favorable outcome possible based on your individual case.

While driving under the influence is never a good choice, we also know that harsh sentences, especially those requiring time served in jail or prison, are not always appropriate courses of action for the courts to take either. A good defense is the key to gaining a reduction in charges and fines, as well as gaining alternative sentencing instead of incarceration. Moreover, while our goal is to defend the accused against DWI/DUI charges, we realize that many clients in this situation need more than just a good defense. This is especially true of those with substance abuse problems and those who may be habitual offenders. If substance abuse or addiction has been the underlying reason for your legal problems, you need help and support to overcome your addiction and to succeed in a substance-free life. Alternative sentencing for DWI/DUI offenders is a great way to ensure that this type of help and support is provided, whereas incarceration often lacks such opportunities.


Alternative sentencing programs offer effective diversion strategies because of their strict guidelines and incentives. Participants are monitored, tested, must adhere to a number of rules, and are often required to seek counseling and to participate in other programs. Participants know up-front that failure to adhere to program requirements can result in sentence reversal and incarceration. The incentives for participating often include reduced charge and fines, an expunged record upon successful completion, and the opportunity to experience a life free of alcohol and drug addiction.


The influence of drugs and alcohol often leads to lowered inhibitions, unclear reasoning, and poor decisions. Educating offenders about the effects of drugs and alcohol, potential consequences, and other important aspects of this serious matter can help to serve as a deterrent that not only aids the accused in getting their lives under control, but also serves as a measure for increasing public safety.


You cannot expect to conquer substance abuse problems on your own. In some ways it is a matter of willpower and determination, but everyone experiences slips from time to time. It is the support of professionals and people who have been down the same road that counts the most when trying to overcome such a difficult issue. That’s why our DWI attorneys and many alternative sentencing programs encourage the support of friends, family, mental health professionals, and outside programs to increase your success of overcoming the situation.

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If you’re facing the legal consequences of a DWI or DUI, you need the expertise of an experienced Albany DWI lawyer. At Nave DWI Defense Attorneys, we focus on DWI defense. Unhindered by distractions, our experienced attorneys maintain focus on DWI laws and our clients’ cases. Don’t walk into the courtroom expecting to defend yourself against the prosecution or the scrutiny of a judge and/or jury. Rather than throwing yourself to the wolves, let us help you to gain the most favorable outcome possible. Contact Nave DWI Defense Attorneys today at 1-866-792-7800, or fill out our quick and easy online form for a free and confidential case evaluation.

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