First time DWI offenders often learn a cold, harsh lesson from their experiences, vowing never to repeat that mistake again. Others repeat their offense, sometimes multiple times. Whether you are a first time offender, a repeat offender, or someone who has not yet been caught, the stories and lessons of others can be a good deterrent, if you are ready and willing to take their words to heart. Many people might say the best strategy for this is attending AA or similar meetings, or talking directly with another offender. Yes, such strategies have been successful at some level, but for those who prefer to keep their legal problem private, and given our society’s dependence on everything Internet, there is another option that may very well help those willing to consider the impact of other DWI offenders’ experiences.

We recently noticed a website dedicated to the stories of first time DUI offenders. This site not only contains great stories and lessons, it also offers some great advice as well. Of course, this advice should not take the place of obtaining your own defense counsel when charged with a DWI; however, the stories on this website might very well help you to gain a sense of direction to prevent you from reoffending. Perhaps it can serve as sort of a private means of support as well. The website is called OneDUI. Check it out for yourself and see if these stories inspire you to take a proactive stance in your own life.

Real-Life DWI Lesson
One great story on this site comes from a young woman named Jocelyn. A smart and responsible individual, Jocelyn made a mistake that resulted in a DUI. She allowed this incident to be a wake-up call for her. She reevaluated responsibility in her own life and counts herself lucky that she was only pulled over and arrested. She admits the events of that night could have been worse and is grateful there was no accident, injuries, or deaths.

This is certainly what more offenders should consider when it comes to potentially reoffending. If you have already been involved in an accident, especially one with injuries and/or fatalities, hopefully that is deterrent enough. If you were merely pulled over and subsequently charged with a DUI or DWI like Jocelyn, this alone may not be enough to stop future offenses. What you truly have to consider is the fact that, if you were lucky the first time around, luck can run out, and the next time could be the one time that your poor decision leads to a fatal accident.

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