If you are a first time DWI offender, you may be asking yourself what’s next. No one plans on getting a DWI, so you’re probably not well prepared as to what your next steps should be. Here are some of the most important things you should do when getting a DWI to protect yourself and help you be well-prepared to fight your DWI charge in New York State.

Remember That Drunk Driving Is A Criminal Offense

If law enforcement believes that you may be a drunk or impaired driver, they will use everything they can in their report to use against you; your recollection of your arrest will be crucial to challenging the charges against you. You’ll want to have as many details of the stop as possible so that you can discuss this with your attorney. Anything that you can remember you should write down. From what field sobriety test you were subjected to, and which ones, what the weather was like and condition of the road. You will also want to discuss with your attorney anything else you were doing before you were arrested, for example, if you were sleep deprived or ill, that could explain your disorientation. All this information is crucial to your case and can be helpful in protecting you.

Be Mindful Of All Your Social Media Accounts

Most people believe that their profiles on their social media accounts are safe because their profile settings are set to private, not public. However, this is not always the case. A person’s friends and family may not have their settings on private. As such, law enforcement, the District Attorneys office or prosecuting attorney can potentially access and view any of their posts. With that, you should be mindful of anything negative about yourself on your social media accounts.

Do Some Research

With the World Wide Web at your finger tips and readily available, use it to your advantage. Search for anything on New York State Drunk Driving Laws. There you can find information on the penalties you could be facing, how long the process can take, how you can fight your case, and who you should hire. If you do your research you’ll be better inclined to know the right questions you should be asking your attorney so together you can determine the best course of action.

Hire An Experienced NYS DWI Attorney

The best way to know what your rights are, and to make sure they are protected, is to consult with an attorney whose sole practice is DWI defense. While many lawyers will claim to offer broader criminal defense services, attorneys who only practice DWI law will best know how to defend you against the charges against you. They will know how to challenge any field sobriety or chemical tests, and how to best protect your license. They are also likely to know who the judge handling your case is and what they will likely do should you plead guilty.

Finally, You Will Get Past This

You’ve completed the steps, you’ve researched the law, you know the right questions to ask, but most importantly you’re ready to move forward and get this unfortunate mistake behind you. The law office of Nave DWI Defense Attorneys knows the laws of DWI Defense in New York State. We will work with you to fight the charges against you, offer you a free case analysis, answer all your questions and help you move forward.

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