According to Street Blogs, New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo believes new Department of Motor Vehicle (“ DMV”) driver’s license rules will take dangerous motorists off the roads. The changes to the licensing rules will result in permanent revocation of driving privileges for some repeat drunk driving offenders. The change will apply to alcohol and drug related offenses.

Any driver with more than five DWI convictions in their life, or three or more in 25 years in addition to a serious driving offense (such as a fatal crash, 20+ points worth of driving violations) will not be allowed to be “relicensed.” The goal of this program is to combat the tragic results of repeat drunk drivers allowing to be placed behind the wheel just to make the same mistakes.

In Governor Cuomo’s May 20, 2013 press release, the new regulations are targeted at those who have continued to show a lack of regard for the safety of others, and as a result “they have no place on New York’s roadways.” The statistics that helped support the changes to the stricter re-licensing laws were damning. With 29% of fatal crashes in 2010 being alcohol related, and 300-6000 people being killed or injured on New York Highways yearly, change was necessary.

Since the new regulations were implemented the DMV has reviewed “3,891 applications for relicensing” and “3,164 have been denied permanently” or for another five years. A little over 1500 of those permanently denied relicensing was a direct result of five or more DWI or drug related convictions in their lifetime, or three to four in the past 25 years plus a serious driving offense.

Additionally, the program is requiring drivers who were allowed to be relicensed to use an ignition interlock system. These systems insist that the repeat offender does not drive drunk again. Further, some people that were relicensed were listed as “problem drivers” with their license showing a restriction that allows them to only drive for work or medical related tasks in addition to an ignition interlock for five years.

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