New York DWI Administrative License Suspension

Administrative License Suspension laws (ALS laws) require police and courts to confiscate the licenses and/or suspend the driving privileges of motorists who produce a BAC test of at least 0.08% and revoke the driving privileges of motorists who refuse a BAC chemical test. There are also ALS laws in New York State that require courts to suspend a motorist’s driving privileges if that motorist has been convicted of a DWI-related offense within the previous five years or to suspend a motorist’s driving privileges if he or she has been involved in a DWI-related incident that resulted in a serious injury or death.

Under such circumstances, the motorist’s license and/or driving privileges will be promptly suspended at his or her first court appearance. However, if a challenge to the suspension is available and not made, or it is made improperly, the motorist could completely lose the ability to drive to work, crucial medical appointments and child care obligations or custody exchanges, long before the charges are dismissed or a conviction is obtained.

In order to ensure that your driving privileges are protected to the greatest extent possible, you will need the help of a DWI attorney familiar with the complicated laws and administrative rules that govern these pre-conviction license penalties. Call or email me, Tom Anelli, the DWI Guy, today to take advantage of the potential opportunity to protect your license and driving privileges.