Pending Drunk Driving Charge In New York?

An Introduction to NYS DWI

If you or someone you love has been charged with a DWI, then you are not alone. We can help. Contact us today to discuss your case free of charge at: 1-866-792-7800. In the meantime, feel free to review the following overview on New York’s DWI penalties.

If you have recently been charged with a drunk driving (DWI), it is essential to read this important information in order to help you make the best decision when choosing your legal representation. This information will be crucial in saving you time and money, while understanding DWI penalties.

The recent economic downturn has affected everyone in some way, including many general practice lawyers. Many of these lawyers have tried to expand their area of practice to include DWI defense. When deciding who to choose to represent you with your pending criminal charges, it is important to make an informed, well thought out decision because the consequences of a DWI are permanent. A DWI conviction results in penalties: a CRIMINAL conviction, and can have drastic effects on not only your driver’s license, but also any current or future employment opportunities.

In light of the seriousness of the potential consequences, here are the most important questions to ask when deciding on who is going to represent you with your pending DWI charge and potential penalties.

Initially, does the law firm give you the time and consideration you deserve when first taking your phone call?

If you are not initially given the time of day on the phone, your situation may not improve if you choose them. As questions, fears, and concerns develop during the course of your representation, contact with the law firm may not improve. You may want to choose a different lawyer at the outset rather than being dissatisfied in the future, and having to hire a new attorney later on.

Does the law firm make arrangements to speak with you on their schedule or your schedule?

If the law firm doesn’t value your time over their time, the situation will probably not get better with time. If you are not able to immediately contact the firm at any point in time, including nights and weekends, it could mean that you aren’t a priority to them, and they don’t have the resources to afford you the quality representation you deserve.

Is the lawyer a solo practitioner?

While many good attorneys are solo practitioners, such legal representation can also have negative side effects. What if the lawyer goes on vacation, has a family emergency, or gets bogged down in other legal matters? What if that vacation or family emergency happens on a date when you are supposed to have hearings, or worse, go to trial? This can lead to rescheduled dates if that date can even be rescheduled, and lead to further delay in the resolution of your matter.

DWI charges and penalties, can, and often do, carry substantial emotional burdens for the defendants, and defendants typically want their case resolved as quickly as possible. Therefore, the larger the staff of the DWI law firm, the more likely it is that your case will be resolved QUICKLY. Having multiple attorneys who are familiar with a case ensures that if your attorney does get sick or have an emergency, your case won’t suffer, as another attorney can effectively step in and handle the case. Furthermore, having numerous attorneys at a law firm allows your attorney to analyze your case from numerous different standpoints, rather than just one.

Money is always a consideration when deciding on legal representation. With a struggling economy, few people have the money to meet ALL of their basic financial requirements. However, simply choosing the CHEAPEST legal representation is NOT a good idea. There is a strong correlation between the amount of money charged by an attorney, and the quality of work they are going to put into YOUR case. You may be able to get an attorney for $500, but that may mean sacrificing the quality of the legal work done on your behalf solely for your money saved. Furthermore, seeing as a DWI conviction can result in stiff financial penalties, hiring the “cheapest” attorney may actually result in you spending MORE money down the road.

If you do care about the handling of your case and achieving the best possible outcome, choosing the cheapest attorney may not be the wisest choice to make. If your career is in jeopardy, you have a family member to protect, or you simply have a strong desire to be able to keep driving, prepare to pay a reasonable fee for an attorney’s knowledge, experience, and focus on your case.

Does the firm’s website indicate a commitment and desire to stay up to date with the latest technological and legal advancements in DWI training?

Are they certified in Field Sobriety Testing by the National Highway and Transportation Safety Association? Do they belong to the National College for DUI Defense? If the law firm you are looking at does NOT have these accreditations, it can mean a lack of commitment and focus on DWI defense, or it could mean they just decided to start representing clients in DWI related matters: Both of which are NOT the most beneficial to you.

Is the law firm well renowned in the community as the lead authority on DWI defense?

Do news organizations turn to that law firm when seeking expert opinions on DWI related matters? If the news organizations trust that law firm for sound legal advice and viewer education, it is most definitely a vote of confidence that the firm is knowledgeable, and would be effective at representing you with your DWI charge.

At Nave DWI Defense Attorneys, we are often the choice of high-level clientele and members of the community. We have represented judges and their children, lawyers, doctors, members of the military, CDL drivers, and countless other members of the community. We have been featured in premier national news organizations such as Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal, and AOL, and have also been featured in statewide legal journals such the New York Law Journal. This is important to YOU, the consumer, because the people on this list can be trusted in choosing only the BEST in the DWI defense field. Their vote of confidence is unbiased, and well thought out. The research has been already done for you so you don’t have to spend your valuable time on guessing what law firm you should choose.

Bottom Line:

Nave DWI Defense Attorneys meets all of the above listed criteria. Our experienced, knowledgeable TEAM of attorneys is here to help YOU at any time, 24/7.

If you are still not convinced after reading this letter and our credentials, print this letter and talk with other attorneys, all the while keeping the above guiding tenets in mind. Doing so will ensure you get the most effective legal representation. The points in this letter are what separate the quality DWI defense attorneys from the run-of-the-mill attorneys. It’s your future on the line – make the right choice.