Efforts in New York State to reduce accidents and fatalities related to violations of DWI laws may be paying off, a recent article says. Streetsblog.org reports that New York Governor Cuomo made an announcement this week that DWI related driver’s licensing regulations implemented last year have removed thousands of dangerous drivers from the road.

The New York Department of Motor Vehicle’s rules deny licenses to habitual drunk drivers. Under the rules, the DMV will refuse to relicense a driver who has five or more DWI convictions in his or her lifetime, or three such convictions plus a conviction of an additional serious driving violation, within the past 25 years. The rules would also deny licenses to drivers that have accumulated 20 or more licensing points in addition to three DWI convictions within the last 25 years.

According to the article, Governor Cuomo noted that since September, the New York DMV reviewed 3,891 applications for relicense from drivers with more than two DWI or drug related convictions. Of those applicants, 1,658 individuals were denied licenses under the new rules prohibiting licenses for five or more DWI convictions. The remaining applicants, who had three or four DWI convictions, were also denied relicensing, but only for an additional five years. After the five year period, the DMV would issue to those individuals restricted driver’s licenses and they would be required to use an ignition interlocking device for five years.

While the law has limited the number of repeat DWI offenders from driving, some people have called for even tighter regulations, especially pertaining to drivers who are habitually dangerous but who do not drink and drive. Legislation in 2012 was set to address this issue, but failed.

According to Gothamist.com, the proposed legislation was called “Charlotte’s Law,” after a woman who was killed in January of 2010 by a driver with 23 prior traffic violations on his record, and who had been in 10 car accidents. The driver who killed Charlotte was only given a $100 fine for a failure to yield and a one-year revocation of his license. Charlotte’s Law would have permanently revoked licenses of drivers convicted of three or more specific dangerous driving offenses within a 25 year period. The offenses would include vehicular manslaughter, violation of state vulnerable user laws and other violations of New York Vehicle Traffic Law 1146, and DWI.

While Charlotte’s Law failed in New York last year, it may gain traction in the future. It is important for New York drivers to be aware of the changing laws, especially where the permanent loss of a license in concerned. DWI charges can severely impact a person’s financial, emotional and personal well-being.

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