DWI charges easily impact the family, friends and associates of an allegedly drunk driver. DWI law violations often have costly consequences, and can lead financial troubles, embarrassment, and difficulties in the workplace. The situation becomes even more tragic, however, when a family member or friend is injured or killed in a DWI-related accident. For the surviving drunk driver, the road ahead is paved with not only consequences related to a DWI conviction, but guilt and pain resulting from a bad decision.

Jose Escobar, a Westbury, New York man, likely knows the severe consequences of drinking and driving all too well. According to Chron, Mr. Escobar was sentenced this week on Tuesday, July 23, for his involvement in a drunk driving accident that killed his 10-month-old daughter, Helen. Earlier in his case, he had pleaded guilty to various charges, including manslaughter and aggravated DWI with a child, a felony charge under New York’s Leandra’s Law. He was ultimately sentenced to up to 12 years in prison in Suffolk County Court.

The Examiner provides more insight into the tragic case that will likely plague the 30-year-old native of El Salvador, who otherwise had no criminal record. On the day of the horrific accident that killed his young daughter, Mr. Escobar had also been driving with his girlfriend, Maria Guillen in a 2003 Nissan. Mr. Escobar, Ms. Guillen and the infant had been on their way to a restaurant for dinner, when Mr. Escobar stopped the car to pick up a six-pack of beer. Mr. Escobar proceeded to consume the six-pack while driving to their destination. When the group arrived at the restaurant, Ms. Guillen began to argue with Mr. Escobar and told him that she did not want to dine with him anymore. At that point, Mr. Escobar tore out of the parking lot at an incredibly high rate of speed. According to prosecutors, Mr. Escobar was traveling at speeds of close to 100mph on the service road of the Long Island Expressway. The accident unfolded when Mr. Escobar crossed a median, which caused the vehicle to fly into the air and crash into a 7-Eleven convenience store. According to reports, Mr. Escobar’s blood alcohol content was .26 percent after the accident.

The infant Helen was secured in her car seat in the back of the Nissan. However, she fell victim to a traumatic brain injury, and died less than one week after the accident occurred. Ms. Guillen was pregnant at the time of the accident, but, fortunately, delivered a healthy baby after being rushed to a nearby hospital for an emergency Caesarean section. Due to the accident, a judge ordered that Mr. Escobar be barred from having contact with the baby boy, and there is no current information as to whether that order has expired.

Mr. Escobar’s case is certainly one that likely impacted all of the people around him, and may continue to do so into the future. If you have been charged with violating DWI laws, you should immediately contact an experienced DWI attorney. Call the offices of Nave DWI Defense Attorneys today at 1-866-792-7800 for a confidential consultation.

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