Drinking alcohol can sometimes lead to a silly idea. Sometimes these silly ideas end up with someone being charged for violating DWI laws. Such was the case this week for a 26-year-old man named Scott McKenzie. According to 13WHAM.com, Mr. McKenzie, from Oakfield, New York, is alleged to have had grand plans to go over to his friend’s house to mow the lawn. He had driven his riding lawn mower over to the friend’s house, and, after cutting the grass decided to linger for a little while. Mr. McKenzie allegedly drank some beers with his friend and then waited until he thought he was sober enough to drive the lawnmower back to his house. At some point, Mr. Mckenzie allegedly partook in using marijuana.

Around 11:15 that evening, Mr. McKenzie was alleged to be en route to his home when he was pulled over by police officers. He was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of Marijuana, DWAI drugs, DWI, and Failure to Display a Slow Moving Vehicle Emblem. Mr. McKenzie alleges that he did not actually have marijuana on his person, but was carrying a marijuana pipe, which officers broke.

While Mr. McKenzie’s incident may seem like it would be an isolated one, he is not the only American to have been charged for DWI or DWAI while operating a lawnmower. Last year, also in May, and also in New York, a Montgomery, New York man was arrested after law enforcement officers allegedly spotted him driving down the street on a 1978 model lawnmower and asking for directions. The Herald Record reported that the 56-year-old man had an open can of beer in his hand, and a trailer in tow on the lawnmower. The man was only traveling about two miles at the time. Additionally, the man was driving with his license was revoked. Ultimately, the man was charged with felony aggravated unlicensed operation, DWI, possession of an open container, and various other infractions.

A person can become uninhibited when drinking alcohol, and may do something he or she would not do normally. Unfortunately, DWI charges often follow. Something as simple as driving a lawnmower or a snowmobile may seem innocent at the time, but actually can be hazardous when operated while drunk. Furthermore, as the stories above demonstrate, law enforcement officers may not go easy on a suspected drunk driver just because he or she is not operating a vehicle at the time of a stop. Under the New York Vehicle and Traffic Laws, a driver can be charged with DWI for operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. This is not limited to your traditional cars and trucks.

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