New York lawmakers took a tough stance on DWI charges right at the end of the 2013 legislative session. According to, the New York State Senate unanimously passed a bill that would require drivers convicted of DWI charges to pay for the costs of ambulances used to give them medical attention at the scene of DWI-related accidents. The proposed legislation would require those convicted of DWI laws to present proof of payment of ambulance bills before getting their driver’s licenses back. In contrast, under current DWI laws, a driver convicted of DWI charges may lose his or her license for up to six months on the first offense.

The proposed legislation has likely gained popularity among lawmakers for several reasons. First, the bill is seen largely as a crackdown on drivers convicted of DWI charges, and would potentially be an additional deterrent to drinking and driving. Secondly, lawmakers believe that drunk drivers need to be responsible for their actions, and that they should therefore be required to pay for the measures that they have incurred as a result of their own behavior. Lastly, reports that ambulances are not receiving timely payments from DWI offenders who have required their services, which is a drain on ambulance resources. So far, the legislation has been drafted to include payment of the DWI offender’s ambulance bill.

The proposed legislation was not sent to the Assembly in time for a vote before the end of the legislative session, but it will be re-introduced at the next legislative session, first in the Senate again and then to the Assembly.

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