As summer is beginning to wind down over the next few weeks, Governor Cuomo and local police remind you to drink responsibly.

Recently reported by WGRZ, Governor Andrew Cuomo recently announced that New York State is participating in a national program intended to crackdown on impaired drivers. The Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign began this week and will run through Labor Day. With summer coming to an end, State police departments all around New York are stepping up their enforcement of drunken driving laws. This national push by law enforcement is in effort to reduce drunken driving accidents and unnecessary deaths at a time when many motorists are on vacation or celebrating the last few weeks of summer.

“Driving drunk is both reckless and selfish, and we have seen far too many avoidable tragedies that have occurred after someone got behind the wheel when they shouldn’t have,” said Governor Cuomo in a statement. “I urge all New Yorkers to drive responsibly, and want everyone to know that impaired driving will not be tolerated in this state.”

In New York State, .08 percent BAC is the legal limit for driving while intoxicated, but many offenders, on average have a BAC of nearly twice that level statewide.

On July 31, 2015, Governor Cuomo announced that New York has kept more than 8,000 repeat offenders off the road since implementing tougher DWI laws in September 2012. On November 1, 2014, even stronger penalties were enacted in New York to deter impaired driving. Drivers convicted of a DWI three or more times in 15 years face a Class D felony charge, up to seven years in prison, and a fine up to $10,000.

New York’s anti-impaired driving enforcement campaigns are funded by the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee and STOP-DWI, a highway safety program that allows participating counties to qualify for the return of all fines collected for alcohol and other drug-related traffic offenses.

As we’re all getting ready to celebrate the last days of summer, Nave DWI Defense Attorneys would also like to remind you to enjoy the rest of your summer, but please remember to celebrate responsibly, and do your part in keeping our roadways safe, and always have a plan to get home safely.

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