Senator Schumer has called for immediate action to protect the critical funding for the New York State “STOP-DWI” campaign. According to Schumer, the program is one of the most effective because the campaign provides funding for education, sobriety checkpoints, and public service announcements, as well as law enforcement activities

The campaign funded by the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee relies heavily on federal funding but that funding is currently in jeopardy and set to expire in July if the senate does not protect the $7 million, the program need to continue.

The STOP DWI Program was created by the State Legislature in 1981. The goal in creating the program is to reduce the number of people killed or injured in alcohol and other drug related traffic accidents. Since the enactment of the STOP DWI Program the chances of being killed by an impaired driver has been reduced by 70%.

Read the full press release from Senator Schumer.

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