Sometimes even notable politicians find themselves facing DWI charges. Police officers won’t just let them get off with a warning due to their high profile status, but force them to face the consequences of violating DWI laws. Thomas Ravenel, former South Carolina State Treasurer, who may be planning a potential return to the world of politics, faces DWI charges this week after being stopped and arrested in East Hampton Village, New York.

According to, Mr. Ravenel was arrested on Monday morning, after officers observed him driving in an odd manner. According to police, Mr. Ravenel was crossing over the white shoulder line as he was driving, and then crossed over a solid double yellow line into the other lane of traffic. Officers conducting the stop of Mr. Ravenel reported that he was unsteady on his feet and that he smelled strongly of alcohol. According to police reports, Mr. Ravenel also told officers that he had been drinking alcohol earlier.

Once Mr. Ravenel was arrested and taken back to the police station, he refused to submit to chemical tests to determine his blood alcohol level. He was then charged with DWI, driving on the shoulder, and failing to keep his vehicle right.

The East Hampton Star reports that Mr. Ravenel’s attorney noted during his arraignment that he plays for the Southampton polo team, which may be the reason that he was in New York. Mr. Ravenel’s lawyer told Justice Catherine A. Cahill of the East Hampton Town Justice Court that Mr. Ravenel had a prior federal criminal conviction for cocaine possession. Incidentally, Mr. Ravenel’s involvement with cocaine was the reason that he was forced to resign from his post in South Carolina in 2007. He was also accused of being a part of a cocaine distribution ring by the Federal Government.

Justice Cahill originally set Mr. Ravenel’s bail at $750, but he told her that he could only withdraw $600 at a time from his debit card, and had $65 in his wallet. With that information, the Justice set bail at $650.

It remains to be seen whether Mr. Ravenel’s recent New York DWI will impact his political future. Mr. Ravenel’s father was a member of the House of Representatives, and reports note that Mr. Ravenel may have been working to re-enter the political arena. To that end, Mr. Ravenel is currently the subject of a Bravo Network reality television show focused on elite members of the South Carolina social scene. However, before Mr. Ravenel can plan his next political move, he will have to face the DWI charges against him. He is due back in court in early August.

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