Our client was initially charged with Driving While Intoxicated and Aggravated Unlicensed Operation.  He knew that he was not intoxicated and so he ultimately refused the chemical breath test offered to him by the arresting officers.  After conversations with him I firmly believed what he was telling me, that he was not impaired or intoxicated on the night of his arrest.  I also believed him when he told me that the officer who pulled him over had no actual valid reason to do so. After much back and forth with the Prosecution, an offer was proposed to our client; the type of offer which I would typically implore an individual to accept.  However, I believed what our client said to me, his version of events, and I wanted to keep pushing and working for him to get a better result. Eventually I was able to have our client enter a plea to two no point traffic tickets in full satisfaction of all the charges that were initially levied against him.  Both myself and the client were very satisfied with the end result.