When you’re faced with New York DWI charges, you have a few legal options. Do you approach the situation with a guilty plea, accept a plea bargain, or fight the charges in court? Pleading guilty might seem like the easy way out, but this is not always the best option. A plea bargain might seem like a good idea, especially if the charges are reduced and the terms are more lenient than the potential punishment associated with the original charges. However, your case is as unique as any other case, and the options you have, as well as the ultimate course of action, are fully dependent on your specific situation, as well as the advice of your DWI attorney.

Guilty Plea
If you automatically plead guilty, you face having a DWI conviction on your criminal and driving record. This can negatively affect future employment and future driving privileges. While a guilty plea may seem like a cooperative move and might even result in some leniency from the court, the punishments are still harsh, whether you are a first time offender or a repeat offender. Furthermore, given the DWI crackdown announcement from Governor Cuomo this past September, those convicted of DWI in New York State will now face more difficulties and longer waiting periods in reinstating their driving privileges. A guilty plea might not be in your best interest after all. Rather than throwing yourself to the sharks from the get-go, discussing your case and your defense options with an experienced DWI attorney could result in a far more favorable outcome.

Plea Bargain
Plea bargains sound like a good idea. After all, most pleas involve a reduction in charges, as well as a lighter sentence. However, you still face having your conviction on your record and may still face some time served in jail or prison. At the very least, you are going to be subject to some strict regulations and will not have the opportunity to defend yourself in court. In some cases, a plea bargain might be the best course of action. In other cases, a DWI defense could help you to eliminate the charges against you as well as the potential consequences of a DWI conviction.

DWI Attorneys
If a New York DWI conviction is looming on the horizon, do not risk the harsh punishments of New York laws without professionals in your corner. Discuss your case with a qualified DWI attorney to determine the appropriate course of action in your particular case. While no outcome is guaranteed, a good defense strategy offers far more advantages in court. For a free case evaluation, contact the DWI lawyers at Nave DWI Defense Attorneys today.

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