1. High-speed chase in Tennessee
On Thursday morning in Hendersonville, Tennessee, Bobby Scott, 22, from Dunlap, Tennessee tried to elude police and reached speeds of up to 100 miles per hour in his car. Nashville’s NewsChannel5.com, stated that his vehicle left the roadway and was airborne until it tumbled over many times in a field and finally came to a stop upside down. The two occupants managed to get out of the car. The driver and his passenger were taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Law enforcement officials plan to charge Mr. Scott with DUI-second offense along with other charges stemming from the accident.

2. Crash and mayhem in the City
In a separate incident, on Wednesday morning, as reported in The New York Times, Shaun Martin, 32, from Queens, New York, jumped the curb while driving in a Manhattan neighborhood. The rental car he was driving plowed through a fire hydrant, parking meter, pay phone and a large tree before coming to a halt. At least 4 people were injured in the incident. Mr. Martin was charged with driving under the influence (DUI).

3. Strange circumstances in the Pacific Northwest
In a rather strange turn of events, earlier this month police in Kent, Washington, received calls from the public about a suspected drunk driver. According to the article on KOMONews.com, the officers arrived at the scene of a convenience store where they spotted the man when he exited the store and returned to his vehicle. Police officers approached Omar Medina, 26, and asked to see his driver’s license, he instead handed them a can of beer. He also made claims to work as an assassin for the federal government. According to the arresting officer, Mr. Medina’s physical appearance warranted his arrest for DUI. Upon the discovery that he was previously arrested three times for DUI and his driver’s license was revoked – he was arrested for suspicion of felony DUI and driving with a suspended license.

DUI – A Serious Offense
While not every DUI arrest winds up reported in the news media – every DUI is a serious offense. In New York State, a DUI (or DWI – driving while intoxicated) is a criminal offense and the consequences can be quite severe. Penalties range from fines, the loss of driving privileges to serving time in jail.

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