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Do you have comments on the communication your legal team gave you?

EXTRAORDINARY right from the start. My DWI occurred one Saturday morning in January. I inquired on your website that evening, I was anxious to discuss this matter as I had next to no knowledge of what I was facing with respect to license revocation and criminal record.

The kind tow truck owner/operator, after having charged me $160 to release my pickup truck which he had only towed approximately one mile across town, gave me 2 names, Nave DWI Defense Attorneys and another firm. I also recalled hearing radio ads but was honestly skeptical as my experience in the past with a CT injury attorney that over advertised and made me feel like I was just a number, I never saw the same attorney twice. I was never so wrong.

This time, my case was settled favorably within weeks and had I waited for the other firm to return my phone call I would still be waiting. I was contacted the very next morning and honestly wasn’t expecting a call until Monday. My initial consultation was with one of your client relations manager and what he initially told me was that it would take 15 minutes it ended up being over an hour. He was literally my best friend in the world during a very dark time. He listened to my case and was through and took the time out to answer all my questions and my concerns, he dispelled any reservations I had with going with Nave DWI Defense Attorneys and before the end of the call I decided to hire and retain your firm. I felt that at least a large part of the weight was lifted off of me. Again and later that same day in the afternoon, further exceeding expectations, I get a call from Derek Andrews who introduces himself as my lead attorney and the Andrews legal time. It was a Sunday, who does that?

Do you have any comments on the legal team working on results for you?

EXCELLENT OUTCOME – CASE CLOSED (in under 3 weeks!) After having met with Derek, he provided me several options weighing pros and cons. He listened to my goals and then we discussed strategy. He then successfully negotiated with the Tioga County DA on my behalf. I was faced with some severe consequences of a DWI crime and a one year suspension due to officer alleging that I had refused a BAC test when I in fact I had not. As a final condition of the plea, he was able to avoid the refusal hearing from even being scheduled and the potential jeopardy thereof. I also know that he was willing to go to the mat for me and assured me that he was confident he could win.

I had every confidence that he would. My goal was to put this behind me as fast as it had happened to me and that’s exactly what Team Andrews delivered!

Is there something you feel your legal team could do better to make the process easier for you moving forward?


Do you have comments on what the legal team can do better?

Keep doing what you do perfectly. Team Andrews is awesome. Further Adam and Sydney were quick and timely in delivery of my documents during the process from retainer to sentence information plan. Again, can’t thank your client service manager enough for getting back so quickly, and ease some of the stress and fear of the unknown.

Derek was brilliant, masterful and skillful. Hope to one day see the name change to Nave DWI Defense Attorneys Andrews 😉

At this point, are you happy with your decision to retain Nave DWI Defense Attorneys to handle your case?


Comments on your current satisfaction:

BRILLIANT! Today was the court date both my wife and I dreaded, almost 3 weeks to the day since my arrest and we expected the worst. How would our lives change and be impacted? The court proceedings opened and closed in a most favorable manner on the same day. Derek went out of his way to meet with us two weeks prior and review the details of my case and preemptively advise on course of action which made all the difference. From our first meeting with him, we were impressed by his knowledge and mastery of the law, only to discover his skilled performance during my hearing today further exceeded our expectations. A true dedicated professional who genuinely listens to his clients’ needs and helps them navigate through darkest days with his advice and counsel. He gave us several options and explained the pros and cons and allowed us to decide upon which course of action to pursue and then he delivered exactly and precisely. If you’re looking for someone to go to the mat then consider yourself lucky to have Derek take you on as a client. Bravo and Thank you (5 Stars Aren’t Enough)

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