Summer brings with it a host of exciting and fun activities, such as boating, taking drives through the countryside, and riding all terrain vehicles (ATVs) on off-road terrain. However, these recreational highlights of summer can become dangerous when alcohol comes into the mix, and ultimately the combination of fun and drinking may result in DWI charges. It is important for New Yorkers to be aware of New York’s DWI laws, and especially the fact that DWI charges are not only limited to drinking while operating a car, truck or other four-wheeled street vehicle.

According to, a Cherry Creek, New York woman learned that lesson the hard way this week. Ms. Brenda Anderson, a 55-year-old woman, was driving an ATV on Prospect Street in Cherry Creek when she was stopped by police officers. After further investigation, officers arrested Ms. Anderson for DWI. She will appear at a later date in Cherry Creek Court.

Earlier this month, a Mayville, New York man had a similar fate. According to a Police Area Report published by the Post Journal, in the early morning hours of July 3, Garth N. Blanchard decided to ride an ATV down Valley Street in Mayville. Deputies attempted to stop the 21-year-old on his early morning ride, but were forced to engage in a foot pursuit of Mr. Blanchard after he ditched the ATV and began to run away from police. After police investigated the matter further, they took Mr. Blanchard into custody and he was charged with common law DWI. He was released from Chautauqua County Court and will appear at a later date.

DWI charges relating to drunken operation of an ATV, boat or snowmobile are not a rarity in New York State. In fact, the attorneys at Nave DWI Defense Attorneys have in-depth experience in defending non-automobile DWI cases with a high degree of success. In the case of People v. C.C., an Nave DWI Defense Attorneys client was charged with boating while intoxicated and reckless operation. The client allegedly had a blood alcohol content of .19 percent, which would have far exceeded the legal limit. The client maintained that he was not the person who had operated the boat at the time that law enforcement stopped it. Nave DWI Defense Attorneys attorneys informed the prosecutor of the client’s statements, and provided him with a sworn affidavit by the true driver of the boat. The prosecutor agreed to an adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, which allowed the Nave DWI Defense Attorneys client to avoid the penalties associated with a conviction on the charges, as long as his record remained clean for the next six months. The deal also meant that the charges would be completely dismissed if the client was able to hold up his end of the bargain, and stay out of trouble for the six-month period.

If you have been charged with violating DWI laws, call the experienced attorneys at Nave DWI Defense Attorneys. An Nave DWI Defense Attorneys attorney can help you defend your case and work to achieve the best possible outcome considering the charges against you. Call the law offices of Nave DWI Defense Attorneys today at 1-866-792-7800 for a confidential consultation.

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