“During our first conversation, my attorney asked me what my goals were for this case. I outlined them to him and, at my sentencing, I received everything that I stated to him during our first conversation that was important to me. EVERYTHING. The outcome could not have been more favorable given the case against me. Somehow (I don’t know how, and, frankly, I don’t care), my attorney made it happen. I was entirely pleased about that, of course, but it was ultimately my attorney’s warmth and the comfort he provided me that got me through this ordeal. The Albany team of Nave DWI Defense Attorneys kept me fully abreast with the particulars of my case at all times. They told me everything I needed to know, and anything I needed to do. Once again, I cannot thank the team enough. They all made an entirely terrible situation decidedly not as bad. I am forever indebted to them and to Nave DWI Defense Attorneys.”