While DWI laws may appear to be straightforward at first, there are numerous crimes and offenses that comprise New York State’s DWI laws. Under New York DWI law, there are various offenses, all with different elements, and each offense may bring with it different consequences and penalties. Aggravated DWI is an area of DWI law that drivers should take very seriously, as an Aggravated DWI conviction may result in heavy fines, jail time, and other consequences. This week in New York, at least three individuals found themselves facing Aggravated DWI charges.

According to WIVB.com, New York State Troopers arrested a Pittsburgh man in the Town of Sherman earlier this week during a roadside check. The man, 43-year-old Raymond Westbrook, was driving with his two children in the vehicle when police officers stopped him. Mr. Westbrook subsequently failed DWI field sobriety tests, and was arrested. Mr. Westbrook was charged with violations of New York’s Leandra’s Law, due to the fact that he was driving while intoxicated with child passengers, and Aggravated DWI. Mr. Westbrook’s children were taken away from the scene by a sober person.

Two other individuals were arrested for Aggravated DWI on Sunday of this week, all in separate incidents. According to the Buffalo News, the first arrest was made pursuant to an evening citizen complaint regarding a driver who was driving very erratically down Route 219 in the Town of Concord. The driver of the vehicle, 48-year-old Jennifer Buckley, was stopped and arrested by deputies. Ms. Buckley’s blood alcohol content was allegedly determined to be 0.26 percent at the time of the incident, which is above the 0.18 percent level for Aggravated DWI. Ms. Buckley was then arrested for Aggravated DWI.

Finally, a few hours later, at 10 p.m., deputies responded to reports of a vehicle that was stuck in a ditch in the Town of Clarence. 38-year-old Kurt Meyers had been driving the vehicle, and deputies charged him with Aggravated DWI after his BAC allegedly registered at 0.20 percent.

The attorneys at Nave DWI Defense Attorneys are no stranger to Aggravated DWI, and have successfully defended numerous drivers who have been charged with Aggravated DWI. For example, in the case of People vs. W.L., an Nave DWI Defense Attorneys client was charged with felony DWI because he had been convicted of DWAI and a misdemeanor DWI before, and was facing charges for Aggravated DWI. Nave DWI Defense Attorneys attorneys made their case to the prosecutor and judge, and the client admitted that he was an alcoholic who needed assistance with his drinking problem. Nave DWI Defense Attorneys attorneys proposed to the judge and prosecutor that the client be allowed to enter into the county’s drug court program, and be allowed to plea to a misdemeanor DWI with probation. The judge and prosecutor agreed to the proposal, and the client was able to avoid the felony conviction and get help for his alcohol addiction.

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