Convictions for DWI and DUI can have a great deal of impact on someone’s life.  Not only can these charges result in high fines, license revocation, and even jail time, but can also affect future employment. Employers, particularly those in the service industry, often require a background check on employees who deal directly with customers.  This is nearly universal for businesses where the employees’ position involves a lot of driving. Through these background checks an employer can see whether an applicant has been convicted of any driving-related offense, such as driving under the influence of alcohol or a drug. One hugely popular ride service company has landed in some hot water after reporters’ investigation into its background check procedures.

UberX, part of the Uber ride service company, hires driver to use their own vehicles as taxis, has been accused of lax background check standards.  NBC Chicago has reported that many UberX drivers are being hired who should not be according to the company’s own hiring policies.  UberX claims that it performs background checks seven years back into an applicant’s criminal history.  The company also claims it does not hire drivers who have been convicted of driving under the influence, as well as those convicted of violent crimes.  Despite company policy, NBC Chicago found that UberX has hired multiple drivers with these convictions, including an individual who cooperated with NBC’s investigation. According to Lane Kasselman, Uber’s head of communications, “Uber’s industry-leading background checks help connect consumers with the safest ride on the road.” It remains to be seen how UberX will respond to these allegations, but the company has a history of tightening hiring policies due to previous hiring inconsistencies.

Like many similar companies, UberX believes this type of employee screening provides more safety for its customers. These types of background checks are so common, that some states, like New York, require taxi drivers to submit to background checks. With the rising popularity of ride service companies like UberX, it seems likely that these companies will continue to screen out applicants with past DWI or DUI convictions. Background checks can seriously hinder an employment search with such convictions. For someone convicted of a DWI or DUI, it can be very tough to find employment in the booming ride service industry.

The best way to avoid a DWI or similar charge is to avoid driving while intoxicated or impaired. However, if you have been charged with a DWI or related offense, you may still be able to avoid a DWI conviction and protect any future employment search. The best thing to do after being arrested is to call an experienced DWI lawyer local to your area. A seasoned DWI lawyer can help explain all your legal options, and may be able to use that information to help you avoid a conviction and steep penalties.

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