After news reports of a New York Man spitting and kicking the police after he was pulled over for drinking and driving, it is a good time to reiterate a list of things to do and not do when you are pulled over for a DWI.

Do Not:

In this particular instance a 27 year old man “drove through a stop sign and struck a tree [and] later spit and kicked police during booking.” Typically, spitting and kicking are something you should always avoid, especially when dealing with police officers. The man faces DUI charges as well as accusations of interfering with police, refusing to be fingerprinted and two counts of assault on a police officer. Anytime you are pulled over and are arrested for a DWI it is in your best interest to reasonably cooperate with the police. Cooperation will help you avoid further charges.

Another good example of what not to do stem from last week’s news of Reese Witherspoon’s erratic behavior after her husband was arrested for suspected drinking and driving. According to NY Daily News, Witherspoon “invoked her celebrity status” and Witherspoon “questioned whether the officer was a real cop.” Witherspoon later went on record apologizing about the situation and the surrounding circumstances. However, the dash camera of the whole arrest landed on the internet earlier this week. (The Video: arrest of Reese Witherspoon for an example of what not to do).

Generally, try not to make excuses for your erratic driving, be argumentative or hostile.


Of course, the first tip is to never drive after consuming too much alcohol, or get a designated driver. But the reality is, most people have found themselves in a situation where they feel they are fine to drive, when in reality their Blood Alcohol Content is probably over the legal limit (0.08%), and they do not realize it. Therefore, if you see those flashing lights turn on behind you, pull over your car immediately, and use a turn signal to do it. Further, getting your license, registration and insurance card ready is always a plus.

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