DWI charges can disrupt a person’s life, wreck their finances, and negatively affect their personal relationships and career. This is no more evident than when a young person gets hit with felony DWI charges after a night of drinking. Luke Fraley, a 24-year-old from Jamestown, New York, likely knows this situation all too well after police officers arrested him this week.

WIVB.com and ChautauquaToday.com report that Mr. Fraley was driving on Morris Road in Chautauqua. New York, when around 3:00am he lost control of his car. He was allegedly driving at a very high rate of speed and had been going around a curve. Mr. Fraley is claimed to have hit a street sign and telephone pole before coming to a stop. Mr. Fraley allegedly has a history of violating DWI laws, including a DWI conviction within the last ten years. He also was driving with his license revoked.

Reports state that Mr. Fraley was drunk at the scene of the accident and police officers arrested him. He was charged with felony DWI, as well as aggravated unlicensed operation of the vehicle.

Felony DWI charges are a serious matter and can result in jail time, hefty penalties, and mandatory installation of an ignition interlock device, among other consequences. The experienced attorneys at Nave DWI Defense Attorneys have defended numerous felony DWI in Binghamton clients with much success. For example, in the case of People v. J.B., an Nave DWI Defense Attorneys client was charged with not one, but three felony counts of DWI, including one count of Aggravated DWI. The client allegedly gave a breath sample that registered his blood alcohol content at .19 percent, which is over twice New York’s legal limit. The charges against him put the client in a position where he faced up to four years in state prison, along with other severe consequences.

Nave DWI Defense Attorneys attorneys negotiated with the DA’s office, but the client did not agree with any of the solutions presented through negotiations or pretrial hearings. The client had served in Iraq, and was an army veteran, which meant that pleading guilty to a felony charge would destroy his career. With all of these factors in mind, Nave DWI Defense Attorneys attorneys went to trial, arguing that the client had not, in fact, been driving at the time that the government was alleging. The trial lasted four days, and, at the end, the client was found not guilty of all charges by the jury. The client was able to avoid having the felony charges on his record, and could continue on with his life.

If you have been charged with DWI in Binghamton, you should immediately seek out the assistance of an experienced DWI attorney. A Binghamton DWI attorney may be able to negotiate a favorable resolution with the prosecutor, or can defend your case in court. Call the experienced attorneys at Nave DWI Defense Attorneys today.

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