If you plan to consume alcohol, it is never a wise idea to find yourself behind the wheel of any vehicle, especially if your BAC is over the legal limit. Still, many people do drink and proceed to drive, thinking that they are just fine, and that they are presenting no danger to themselves or those around them. In some of these cases, the driver winds up facing DWI charges and the harsh punishments that follow. Even worse, however, is the fact that many Watertown DWI offenders do not always consider consequences beyond those sanctioned by the court. While a Watertown DWI conviction can result in the loss of driving privileges, mandatory ignition interlock, drunk driving classes or programs, possible incarceration, and other punishments, such convictions can also impact your personal life as well. Not only can alcohol consumption and related charges affect your reputation and relationships, it can also spell disaster for your job or career.

While some employers may look the other way or try to help you in a subtle manner, especially if your drinking or DWI charges do not directly affect your job or productivity, there are other cases where a DWI can, in fact, lead to suspension or unemployment. If your employer considers you a liability, or your conviction results in a loss of privileges, you may find yourself seeking new employment. This is especially relevant for those in New York whose livelihood is dependent on their driving privileges, including taxi drivers, couriers, delivery drivers, and transit workers.

The recent case of Luis Rosario is a prime example of this. Rosario, 49 and an MTA transit worker, was discovered with a BAC twice the legal limit behind the wheel of a car while off-duty this past week. Rosario was charged with drunken driving. With the assistance of a DWI attorney, Rosario may be able to gain some leniency; however, if convicted, under New York law, he will lose his license for a period, along with facing several other punishments. Moreover, if he loses his license, Rosario’s attorney can do nothing about the repercussions with regard to his job.

The DWI attorneys at Nave DWI Defense Attorneys understand that people make mistakes and deserve a fighting chance in court. However, we do not condone drunk driving or repeat offenses and urge those who drink to use a designated driver, call a taxi, or find other means for getting home that does not involve driving while drunk. The consequences are not worth the risk. And when you consider the ramifications beyond the legal system, it is easy to see how a DWI can really wreak havoc on your life.

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