Here at the DUI Foundation, we’re excited to partner with Carrie Armstrong, with the How To Be A Sober Girl blog. You can check out her blog here. Over the next thirty days, she has committed to a How To Be A Sober Girl 30 Day Kickstart campaign and we’ll be sharing her stories right here.

And without any more time, here’s Day Twenty Three:

I’ve saved this practical tool til last because out of the three I’ve covered (EFT, CBT and now NLP) I believe it is the most powerful and the most effect method of changed behavior ever invented.

There are so many off-shoots to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, ranging from quite basic to incredibly aggressive. I personally favour the really aggressive types like this one (if you are reading this in some parts of Europe and The Netherlands it’s illegal so you’ll have to go the US, UK Australia to give it a go).

Here’s a video of basic NLP and a book. It’s the most worthwhile thing I have ever invested in for myself. I truly understand why I struggled for so long trying to force my way through recovery of any sort without the help of NLP to mentally lean on. I have had numerous people say the same about CBT & EFT though so far be it for me to say this is the only way.

I am a huge fan of challenging old beliefs, of providing mental and emotional support for ourselves, rather than leaning on others for it first and foremost. Mainly because we will always be there for ourselves so it’s a worthwhile endeavour training ourselves to be as effective and constant a support as possible. 

Too often in the past I used other people’s opinions of me or my disappointment in them as a reason to drink. Too often I used not being able to handle or choose my feelings or reactions to other people as an excuse to go back to drinking once again. As soon as I discovered NLP, and with it the realisation that I get to choose how I feel every second of every day? The biggest trigger for my drinking was removed permanently. And I wish I had discovered it years before I did. And I want it for you so badly.


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