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And without any more time, here’s Day Five:

Hello! Welcome to Day 5!

Now I’m not one for getting all personal when it comes to the present. The past is fine, I’m on open book in that respect, but the present I tend to keep to myself. But you’ve been asking and I can see why you would need to know how long term sobriety plays out in respect to relationships…or if in fact I even date at all…or if being a non-drinker affects dating…so for these reasons…here you go…

Let me reiterate the tip here: Don’t tell them you are a non-drinker. Just say you aren’t drinking right now. Go do something that does not entail drinking as the dominant focus. Go get a meal (and if someone isn’t willing to commit financially to more than a drink with you then quite frankly why bother?) Go for a coffee. I like going for afternoon tea. Go to a tourist attraction, yes even in your own city. It’s fun to play tourist!

This is turning into a separate tip so I will leave it there, But yes I do date. No I don’t have a boyfriend but it has absolutely nothing to do with me not drinking, and everything to do with me enjoying the variety of dating and in holding out for the perfect fit for me…

Hope this helps!

Have a lovely weekend,


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